Our Background

Oysters have been cultivated in the Blackwater estuary since roman times and the Maldon Oyster Company was formally established in 1960. Since then the company has flourished, and currently manages an area of 3500 acres of the Blackwater River. Ongoing investment in new stocks ensures we are cultivating several million oysters at any given time – establishing Maldon Oysters as one of the largest producers in the UK.

Our oyster beds at Goldhanger Creek are complimented by a state of the art depuration and packing plant in Cock Clarks. This facility is designed to hold oysters, mussels and clams in a temperature controlled environment, where the water is filtered through UV lights and infused with Ozone. Ensuring premium quality shellfish are available throughout the year.

Moving forward; with regular research into sustainable cultivation techniques we are committed to utilising the Blackwater Estuary to its best advantage without harming the delicate eco-system and its salt marshes.

Our vision is simply to continue growing the Maldon Oysters brand locally and internationally as one synonymous with Sustainability and Premium Quality.